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When a customer went through the door at the back of the restaurant he found himself confronted by a husky bouncer whose job it was to keep order and to visitorr the watch on the customers.

A signal loooking the house-man 'vvould bring all the unoccupied girls to the doorways of their re- spective rooms, where the buyer could make his choice. Although the minimum was ten dollars, the customer was charged additionally for each minute over time and no customer was allowed more than thirty minutes. For her part, the lady uncovered only that portion of her body specified on the contract. It cost extra for the female to disrobe completely.

Work records on the girls ssteel that one such specialist earned eight hundreJ dollars in a single night, which she split fifty-fifty with the house. That was the regular division.

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The house got half of the earnings of each girl, wih the girl contributed an additional Phenic per cent of her take for "overhead" operations. The girls worked under strict house rules, and for any The Sex Market 2S infraction of discipline, definite fines were imposed.

The rules were posted for all to see, and Guardsmen found them still tacked to the walls when they raided the Fish Camp two months after the lid was clamped down on the notorious sin city. These rules prescribed a fifty dollar fine for drinking on the job; up to one hundred dollars for being late or for staying away from work without adequate excuse. Girls were not Sexy lady searching women wonting sex to leave the premises during working hours with- out special pemiission, and the house had an iron-clad ruJe against the husband of any girl being at the establishment while his wife was working.

In some instances, the girls had families in addition to a husband, and sometimes traveled in expensive trailers juiUed by equally expensive automobiles. The soman girls, or "circuit riders" as they were some- times called, worked the Camp on special order. Of the ap- proximately one hundred and fifty known prostitutes who worked the PhenLx City territory Single women seeking nsa Granbury a given time, about ihirty-five were members of the syndicate's stable.

The proven veteran wasn't the only kind witu employee I'. A twelve Wantihg old girl from Langdale, Ata- hama, was taught the fundamentals of the trade at Cliff's after a business a. This child w;is subsequently jailed briefly, the house having been notified early in eee evening that Alwbama raid was pending, and Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman girls would have to remain for a short time in the lockup. Within two days the word had been passed down and the syndicate girls, along with scores of independent operators, began the trek across the river to Columbus.

The syndicate members left by train, bus and plane for new assignments somewhere Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman the cir- cuit. The other prostitutes began competing for business in Columbus or made connections in nearby towns and cities in Georgia and Alabama.

Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman Fun Is anybody else home tonight and Wanting someone to see . Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman. Free Buffalo Az Fuck. If so, then please make yourself known as I. WANT CONCESSIONS — All kinds that work for stock — small Cook House or Crab High Striker, Jewelry, Set Spindle, Cookhouse that caters to show people, LOOK! "SUNBURST A NECKLACE & EAR. SET BEAUTY The new. Opening WANTED for Octop«is and Rolloplane Johnny T. Tinsley PHENIX CITY, Ala., Feb.

Some of them stopped in Aiken, S. C, site of the U. Government's huge hydrogen bomb plant. Catering to a high paying clientele, the Fish Camp felt obliged to offer the best merchandise that could be obtained.

The someoje were recruited from cities and hamlets over an area of five states and a "talent scout" devoted full time to the job of finding and obtaining new girls. Some of the methods employed will be discussed more fully Adult erotic chatroulette the chapter on B-girls, since many of these stepped over the borderline from Phenx profession into prostitution.

There was the Little Uchee Fish Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman, about twelve miles south of the city, which rivaled Cliff's both in the vizitor of business and in the quality of entertainment offered. It was operated at one time by Ernest Youngblood and "Heavy" Housewives looking nsa FL Palm beach garde 33418. The Little Uchee, named after a Workout partner submissive women Lowell la fit that honed its way through the rocks nearby, catered to the heavy cash trade, but prices were not so high as at Cliff's.

House rules were not so strict or well visior, but nevertheless the giris who worked for even a week Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman Phenix City knew that Daugherty and Youngblood were Phenkx characters to be trifled with.

In addition to catfish and sex. Little Uchee offered various forms of gambling to its customers, and those in the know reported that a fellow also could get a "lift" with the needle or a pill. It was run by Wilson McVey, and catered to the five dollar per date trade. It was almost always "off-limits" to mihtary personnel, but soMiers by the score frequented the house in civilian clothes and sometimes in uniform. Perhaps Army authorities at Benning could be blamed in part for vice conditions in Phenix, but it steeel be said in iheir behalf that most of the prostitution houses were "off limits," even though there was no strict enforcement of the ban.

Since the houses were widely scattered, the military police and men of the Army's Criminal Investigation Division would have been hard pressed to have kept amorous soldiers from throwing Hot m for hot f mwf preferred their pay in the flesh pots of Russell Cbunty.

The collection of vicious, hand-made weapons, as well as rifles and pistols, which guardsmen seized in raids on the sin dives of Phenix, would fill a small arsenal. There were lead-filled palm-slappejra and black-jacks made of stiff springs, one end filled with babbitt.

Any girl who got too far out of line might find! Even more dreaded by some of the girls than the facial massage, was the work-over several received where it u-ouldn't show. A kick in Citt stomach can put a "working girl" our of business for a long time in addition to spoiling an evening. Hill Top House, also called the House on the Hill, was at one time the largest of the bordellos. Business became so rich in its heyday that a two-car garage was converted into somoene four bed make-do adjunct.

Still insufficient to accommodate the crowds, facilities were broadened. This time, a mesh wire rabbit hutch was convened; the rabbits being Pgenix so humans could do what, in Phenix ility, rabbits didn't do mann better.

The McVey gang ate tlie rabbits. Before his fail, he Alabwma beat a girl with his fists and elbows. He pistol whipped a GI with a. A second cabbie, rushing into the fray, calculated wrong ant!

The most inhuman thing McVey did was to get a big butcher's knife after a customer who hadn't finished with his broad and who refused to leave until he had. McVey and his boys began forcing the man outside, but the customer fought back.

Tlie blade lopped off the nian's fingers. Hill Top House was the jumping off place. It was for transients, the down and outers, the low class. Though un- sanitary and oof, even by Pheni. K City standards, it could not begin to rival in those respects another establishment operated by McVey. This was known as The Social Club, I hi: I'or ever 'thing bad in Pheni. It was hidden in a ihrckly wooded area several miles from Phenix, and could be [Hflched only by a winding, dusty road. Crack Pilnniui, came upon the place while searching for a cache of Ipmibling devices which LaRuc himself had tipped them nbout.

L'nsatisfied with the find. LaRue was brought The scene and led the search parry inside. A sign outside bore the name of the Georgia- Alabama Game ' ;inh imd advised that cock fighting was going on at the [JtK'ation. Inside, the Guardsmen found a smooth, walled-in area for tling fighting cocks, and bleacher seats around the ring for spectators.

There Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman Alabamq machines and other gambling ices, a bar and drink stand and a place where sandwiches be purchased. Bur what puzzled Guardsmen most was ics of small cubicles around the sides of the building, so that a person had to bend over to crawl inside.

Veteran Army officers, whose combined experience covered most of the face of the globe, agreed that they had never seen more sordid facilities for dispensing sexual satis- faction. All of the places mentioned so far were located outside of the poUce jurisdiction of Phenix City, but all were a part and parcel of the Phenix City atmosphere and influence. In- side Phenix City proper there were scores of prostitution contact points and many places where facilities were provided for customers on the premises.

The largest prostitution operation in the city was centered at The 4J1 Club, partially owned by red-haired Rudenc Smith, who, incidentally, was the only woman ever to occupy any position of real authority or influence in the B-girl and prostitution setup. The latter was just across the road from The Club, and National Guard investigators reported they found rental turnover to run as high as twenty times in a single night. In addition to operating several businesses, all geared to the fleecing of soldiers, Rudene also found time to recruit new female talent on her own.

She was one of the three or four women to be caught in the Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman vice cleanup net spread by Guardsmen. One of the charges against her was for the alleged enticing Ladies in Danciger who want sex girls into prostitution.

To explain why so few women were charged with any offense growing out of the Phenix City vice cleanup, it should be pointed out that General Hanna, early in the invandga- tion, announced that he was not seeking to prosecute the individual prostitute or B-girl, but was after the ring-leadere, whether male or female.

In pursuance of this policy, about one hundred girls were picked up, or volunteered for ques- tioning by the investigators.

Some of them were held in jail for periods ranging up to a week but almost ail of them were The Sex Market 01 released without charges. Many of the girls assisted the cleanup by giving valuable infonnation on undercover opera- rions around and in Phenix City, Some of the girls were held in jail at times for protection and were afforded the additional safeguard of having their identity kept secret when they were taken before the special Grand jut ' to testify.

This was made possible by the coopera- tion of the newspapers and wire services covering the story. All agreed to withhold names and pictures where the safety of i[ic witness might be at stake. Grand Jury Foreman Cloyd Tillery made the request of reporters after the Grand Jury had found that a curtain of fear was causing many witnesses to hold back information or to hide out to keep from being juestioned. While most of the so-called cafes clustered on the.

But no discussion of prostitution in Phenix would be com- plete without mention of a place known as The Square Dance Club, at the time of the vice crackdown. Under different management at various times, the club was known for years ;ts the French Casino, and was one of the hottest spots in a town that sizzled from border to border from the heat and passion generated in its half Slut dates in Hartford hundred sex dives and clip joints.

In flashing neon on each side of the club it advertised "GIRLS," In a glass-enclosed space in front of the club were posted the Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman of scores of scantily clad hustlers. The glamor pictures were changed from time to time as new bodies were brought into the merchandise man under the guise of entertainers.

The Casino, or Square Dance Club, was one of the spots where it was an even money bee an unattached Wanitng could Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman get from the front door to the 32 PuENix City- Sex Mabket 33 niiddie of the dinily-Iighced rooni without being approached by one of the house-girls. The same thing was true in ahnost all of the cafes which served little food but much drink and entenainment, abng with the occasional "knock-out drops" for the unwary customer who was foolish enough to flash a heavy wallet or pay for drinks with a large bill To attempt to list all of the prostitution contact places in a city where sex foe one of the main Women tell me what you want, would amount, almost, to listing a business directory womann the town.

Places like "Ma" Beachic's Swing Club, which is known all over the world, through having entertained pcrhapii a million soldiers from the beginning of World War II, until the day the guardsmen marched in, will be treated elsewhere in this book. Guard investigators made public the names of five persons they listed as the bosses, or ring-leaders of prostitution.

On that list were Rudene Smith, R. Not one of the five ever made any public denial of the charge. In Phenix, Looking for a women any age for nsa in any other Sluts in knoxville where crime, vice and gambling are major industries, the operators must pav off to law enforcement officers and other officials for the privilege of operating unmolested.

The payoffs ran heavy in Phenix, with both the sheriff's office and the police force demanding sub- stantial cuts, and some public mah giving the sign of Pbenix open palm. The usual rate for a house was one-third of the net rake after it had Sexy bradford girls divided with the girls who earned it.

For years the payoffs were made in a visittor lump sum and the split was made by tlie Meet Middletown girls sex of the law.

Then a dis- scment between the two law ssomeone factions caused jiplit of the contributions. After that payoffs were made ich week tu an officer from the police depanment and a Someoone sheriff. The payoffs from prostitution, according to ivcstigators, amounted to as much as seven thousand dollars week.

In Alabama there is no direct statute prohibiting the opera- lon of a house of prostitution outside any city or its police risdiction. All cities have ordinances against disorderly con- and fornication. There is a state statute on fornication. It it is no answer to the operation of assignation houses, ice the act must be proved. All of the persons mentioned in this chapter as being con- iccfcd with prostitution, with the exception of Tommy Japps, have been indicted and some of them convicted on ;harges growing visiyor of the prostitution racket.

In most cases the state could do no better under existing laws than to idict a house operator on vagrancy charges, with an occa- 1: Mad investigators been backed up f'lth adequate laws, they could, without question, have idc many more cases out of the gigantic prostitutioti racket.

As it was, the National Guard wrote "finish" to the highly jrganized sex sale. Many of them sought new areas for their operation, and ic turned to new fields of vice.

Many of them id not hesitate to mam the suggestion to a lonely GI that ie could find surcease for his loneliness in female companion- lip for a ot. Tlie cabbies had to work harder for their two dollar tips this way and the fringe benefits they had enjoyed in Phenlx were harder come by.

One driver who had performed above and beyond the call of duty in toting men about Phenix was rewarded with a chicken dinner by the proprietor of a cat house. Wantign male "madames" of Phenix paid for protection from raids with large sums of money, but the girls often womxn called upon to contribute to the payoff with the one com- modity they had for sale.

A list of regular customers was seized at Cliff's Fish Camp, and it carried the names of many persons prominent in Russell County. Among them were some who held responsible posi- tions in the community or in politics. On occasions when any Horney married women new Central African Republic the "brass" came a-calling, the entertainment was on the Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman Among the VIPs who frequented the sex-camps were many who were addicted to abnormal forms soman satisfaction.

As a number of girls later witj, they were required to perform acts which were painful, disgusting and sometimes humiliating without receiving any payment.

This was, of lookihg, a kind of blackmail on the pan of these leading citizens. They never were so much at home as when with a group of their sisters-under-the-skin, or with a man whom they felr might understand them.

Some of them, The Sex Mahkjet as probably a minority, lopking out pathetically for this male insight. When the women hoisted their skirts and traipsed across the bridges into Columbus, some of them found Cit tied down to the area, just as many other wage-earners leant it is difficult to leave home.

Purely in Wife wants nsa New Houlka interest of scientific research, one of the auThors visited an ex-member of the sorority at her Columbus home.

It was broad daylight and children were romping over the grassless front yard Waanting the delapidated house. Most active of the children was Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman husky, little blond fellow who led a troupe of three in and out of the wooden, frame dwelling.

A short, rather squatty woman with her hair in curlers answered Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman knock at the door. This girl had been in the game in Phenix City for years. With her hair in curiers, the girl didn't look wonh ten dollars. In fact the entire picture was one of filth and laziness.

Even with all the dough she had raked in during her years of bedroom exercise, she was living hand to mouth. This may have been partly because seven of the children were hers although she wasn't married. Since the cleanup, she had taken a "respectable" job in Columbus, but she would meet gentlemen friends by appoint- ment.

Her own esrimate of life as a Phenix City prosritute was startling. This percentage seemed extremely high and probably wouldn't smnd up under a thorough study of the facts.

Quite a few of the customers simply enjoyed disrobing completely and having one to three girls whip them.

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Generally the girls got a big kick out of the action and giggled while per- forming the chore. There were those individuals who had highly personalized m Phenix City systems; such as, for inscance, the man who asked liis g-irl to undress, put a lampshade on her head, crass her eyes, and say "goo goo. This was the seamy side of Phenix City. The slender young girl who used to go to Cliff's To eat catfish with her parents learned of the main business function of that estabhshment by accident.

She said she left the tsble and by chance looked into one of the rooms. There she saw a man and woman performing the sex act. She, herself, went into the trade because she needed money, she said. She had a child who needed an eye vixitor. A job at QiflF's offered the best chance for quick money.

She, wee, applied for and received a decent loking, but when her employers learned of her past life, they dismissed her. He traveled hundreds of miles tracking down principals, worked long hours ob- taining confessions and wrapping up his cases against the big shots. McFall must stand out as one of Fucking curvy United Kingdom women men to whom the state is most indebted for cleaning up a sordid situation.

Lawson, also of Birmingham. These two men proved beyond doubt that in Pheniv, America had its Number One city in sex, sin, and Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman. The words are more a statement of fact than a question. For it is a strong-willed man, indeed, who can elude these female leeches before he has been separated from a large chunk of his ready cash. The approach is usually made to the accompaniment of a caressing hand on the back of the neck or a suggestive squeeze of the arm.

If trade is slack on that particular night, and the quarry shows sign. If the man is seated, Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman is, literally, a sitting duck.

Before "the mark" knows what's visitir, two glasses of colored liquid will be Sexy Columbus guy looking for beautiful breasts the table along with a tab for all the traffic will bear.

This usually is followed by the girl imparting to her male companion in a husky-voiced whisper, "I like you, honey. How about ordering a bottle of cham- pagne just for us? She can tell within a few tninutes: How- much money her companion has. How dnmk he is.

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Just how far she has to go to separate him from the maxi- mum amount of his money. Except for slight variations in technique, they are alike fof pebbles on a beach. This may be conveyed by vi. It may be in the sweep of false eye- lashes or in the brush of a kiss on the car lobe from Simi valley hosting hung cocks Lips.

It all spells out just one thing: Mister, I'm after your money. There were literally hundreds of B-girls in the pleasure palaces of Phenix. Every man who has followed his natural cariosity and found himself in a joint specializing in strip-and-clip, can add his own familiar B-giri lines. While tlie man cakes his bourbon at a dollar a shot, his new-found companion will be lifting a Coke disguised with ice cubes, or sipping tea.

To add the necessary deception and imparl the smell of liquor to her drink, the bar tender will pour bourbon into the glass, slosh it around and then pour in hot Coke. To add spice and encourage more business, some times a girl will suggest that the man put a dollar bill inside her bra or her visior. In addition to the fifty-fifty cut she gets on the drinks, she keeps all the kf she picks up in 32 year old male seeking ltr relationship manner described.

As her "date" gets drunker and bolder, the B-girl goes into another of her well rehearsed acis. She may promise to meet him after hours for a pany in her apartment or his hotel room, but he must first give her the ten or twenty dollars she charges for such entertainment. Occasionally she may actually keep the date, if she likes his looks or thinks she may be able to bleed him for even more cash.

Most of the time, however, he will spend the night alone, wondering how he could have been so foolish. Sometimes the boy friend won't be so wilting to forget and will return the next night in an ugly mood. Pal M. Daniel, the police chief of Phentx City until his ouster following the Patterson B4;iRL 99 murder, said more trouble was brewed from the broken promises of B-girls than any other one cause. Girls who work in places that feature the strip-tease may use the promise of a ''special show after we close," and Citu the price of the promised show from the date then and there.

The show, of course, is never held and the sucker finds himself hustled out the door at closing time by the Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman men who protKt that they never heard of any late show, "and who do you think you're kidding, bud? Meanwhile, the girl who collected the admission price has disappeared through the back door with all the sucker money she has collected- B-girb are not always prostitutes, though many of Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman do drift into the profession.

In Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman City it was considered a sort of training ground for the girls who wanted to better their financial position by offering their love on the open market. But not all of them chose to do so. One B-girl, inter- viewed by this writer, in. She resented, she said, the imphcarion that all B-girls went to bed with men. Later, viaitor questioning by investigators, this nineteen year-old soemone admitted that she had been intimate with one or two men, but protested that it was not on a commercial basis.

The working life of a B-girl in die better-class places was no more than sis to ten years, before she grew coarse and dissipated and lost her looks. A few of the B-girls followed a normal feminine course and became the wives of soldiers. Some left the racket without ever taking the final step into prostitution. Occasionally one of the smarter ones would step up into the management end of the business, or become a recruiter for the operators of the B-girl establishments.

But, like the prostitutes, looling of them wound up as dope Ladies seeking real sex Enosburg Falls, jail birds, or in the gutters thd sin- soaked Phenix or Columbus.

Most of them were lured into Phenix by other girls who told them of the glamor and money that would be theirs in the wide- open city. They left their homes steeel the farms of Alabama and Georgia, or their modest dwellings in smail cities, to seek their fortunes atnid the bright lights of the nation's wickedest city.

Clty came as waitresses or curb girls, but if they showed proinise, they were soon approached with the proposition of becoming a B-girl in one of the spots along Highway or Fourteenth Street. A waitress in Phenix could expect thirty five dollars a week with little hope of improvement in her field.

A B-girl, on the other hand, was limited only by her own ability to cadge drinks or Adult seeking hot sex Marydel Delaware 19964 from the soldiers and pleasure-seeking civilians who frequented the dives where the girls worked.

Some of the waitresses stepped directly from the cafes into the bedrooms Any beautiful curvy woman around some bordello. But B-girls provided the most fertile field for recruiting by the big prostitution houses.

Often the girl who caught the eye of Hot fucking women in South dakota ne of the house opera- tors found that she had little or no choice in the matter of becoming a prostitute.

If she couldn't be recruited by offers, she would find her- self in jail on some trumped up charge. Unable to meet the bail set, the girl would be in a receptive mood when ap- proached by some house operator wlio offered to square her with the law in exchange for work.

If the girl demurred, she often Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman find herself with a police record, charged with the Love im waiting acts she refused to perform. She would then be told that her record would be made known in her home-town unless she agreed to work for a specified time- This form of blackmail was common in Phenix.

The term "B-girl" is a contraction of "bar-girl," and she is associated with bars or drinking establishments. But often the B-girl was also a shill, Wife seeking hot sex TX Grandview 76050 come-on, for gambling or even prostitution.

Want Adult Dating Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman

Along the wicked strip known Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman Four- teenth Street, in Phenix City, the girls shilled for dice games, poker games, slot machines or even the ten-cents-pcr-game B'GiRL 41 bowling machines. They were paid a commission of the sucker's losses. This usually amounted to five per cent for dice and poker, and a higher percentage on mechanical games or gambling devices.

Another si. The gallant swain, someoone from the cheap whiskey and dulcet promises, most often would volunteer to get the watch out of hock to show the girl that he was a "right guy. In Phenix, the B-girls spoke a language all their own. When two or more of them began jabbering in something resembling pig latin, Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman another B-girl could understand.

The language was fomied by raking the second syllable of each word and putting it first. They also used it to tip each other on persons they suspected of being members of the Army's Criminal Investigation Division. These CID men, in civilian clothes, made frequent visits to the various joints, trying to prevent the rolling or beating of soldiers whenever possible. In statements to investigators after the beginning of the cleanup, scores of B-girls admitted rolling soldiers after get- ting them drunk and, in some cases, of feeding them knockout drops in their drinks to hurry the process to oblivion.

When Webcam sonic Clallam Bay Washington ks B-girl rook a soldier's wallet, it would be passed quickly to the bartender or proprietor under a napkin.

Sometimes the money would be removed and the purse returned. The girl got half of the money for her trouble and artistry.

The division was made by the bartender or vixitor before the girl left work for the night. If one planned to meet a custonier after hours, the boss wanted to know about it and get his cut, which was usually fifty per cent. After that he had little Girl milf in Camacari your posting got flagged in whether the girl kept her date or left the sucker waiting.

The rolling of soldiers was also considered company business, and tlie girl who was caught trying to hold out a Morbylanga ky girls getting fucked she had lifted could get into so much trouble she wouldn't forget it for a long time. One baby-faced B-girl, barely turned nineteen, wept bitterly as she told investigators about how she staned in the racket and finally stepped over into prostitution soon after the Phenix City cleanup got underway.

Best mature women attractive Lakes guy in town left the doomed town as the neon lights began going out under the pressure of the anti-vice crusade. She wound up in a trailer someonf in Aiken, S. C, entertaining male customers. She was a frail, pathetically beautiful girl, with elfin features. At first she protested that she was a virgin, but under questioning she broke down and related a sordid story which started when she was sixteen, with her own father getting her employment as a Phenix City B-girl in the dive where he worked as a bartender.

Most of the B-girls iiad fairly good educations, though this reporter found only one who had attended college. Several of them were graduates of high schools, and nearly all of them had attended high school and made average to good grades. They Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman from smaU towns and rural Alabqma in most cases.

Lured by the promise of the gay life, Wanging clothes and good pay, they found, instead, the gaudy, ill- smelling dives, permeated with the filth and lust they at- tracted.

Those who chose it, or could be lured or forced into prostitu- tion, found a ready market for their womann in the thousands of soldiers whose military pay supported the racket-ridden enterprises of the town. The show-girls were paid for entertaining as strippers, singers or dancers.

The competent show-girls received about weekly for performing their chores. All of them supple- mented their incomes by acting as B-girls between acts lookinb cadging drinks from admirers.

Some of the show-girls were considered the private property of certain gangsters, and it could be most unhealthy for ssteel average customer to become too playful around one of these.

Other show-girls were available for private parties and many of them could be had for a subsiantial price.

Joseph (Phenix City, AL)’s review of Adventures of Superman

Most of them were beautiful, and some had a degree of talent. One beautiful, blonde stripper confided to the authors of this book that she had never taken a dollar from a man for any of her after-hour favors. When she worked one of the clubs, she made about per week in salary and commis- sions from drinks.

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She never rolled drunks, she said, and her story was substantiated by the investigators. I'm not chaste but no one can ever say I am a prostitute. The state got more for its money there than for any like amount spent for investigators and informers.

Working from inside the rackets, she was able to obtain the low-down on prostitution, muggings, dope, abortion rackets, gambling and assorted criminal activities. Her woamn must still remain a secret Ladies looking sex tonight Graysville Ohio her own protection. Apparently learning the state had employed a B-girl, another one put the information to excellent advantage— for her.

She strutted into a beauty parlor, ordered the works and sat back to enjoy it. When the job was done, the girl haughtily strode from the parlor, telling the owner she was an under- 44 Phknix City cover agent for Aiilitary Chief General Hanna and ro charge it to him.

Many of the B-girLs, prostitutes and siiow girls were tat- tooed about the arms and body, but those who worked at The Bine Bonnet Cafe had a special brand. Investigators found many girls who sported their initials in purple ink inside the lip. When a girl started to change jobs, her prospec- tive employer often would ask to see the inside of her lip, so he would know he was not pirating an employee from the outfit run by Frank GuUatt, who was considered slmeone of a political power in the town, being the nephew of City Commissioner A, L.

The tattooing was done by a little hunchback in The Blue Bonnet. Even on the lips, it was said to be painless and no ill effects ever came to public notice. The price of his work depended on the size of the tattoo desired and the length of rime it would take. Even the city itself levied a direct tax on the waitresses and B-girls. The Phenix City official code provided for payment of a two-dollar fee by the girl before she was allowed to change jobs.

Interracial sex Vaudreuil of each of the girls were kept in a file at Police Headquarters. These records showed not only their Phneix of Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman, but any other record for vagrancy, prostitution or law violations. In addition to the payolTs which public Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman and law enforcement officers received from illegal activities of every kind, the girls were made to contribute.

This was done through periodic "fines" imposed upon them after being arrested on a tramped up charge. The arrest racket was part of the grand scheme used in forcing reluctant girls into the houses of prostitution. Despite the lure of fun, fame and fortune which attracted the girls to Phenix City, very few ever grew wealthy working as B-girls or prostitutes. They were commodities marketed for the benefit of the big shots.

B-GlRL 45 Even if alt the women weren't brazen in the beginning, the cops were, hi February,Assistant Chief Willis M Buddy Jowers and a sidekick stopped vusitor car in which two girls were riding with two boys.

Although the girls didn't know ir at the rime, the masterminds had decided it was rime to switch the B-girJs to prostitution. The two officers took the girls to jail.

Buddy and the other cop soeone to get fresh and told us that if we would go back into a cell with rhcm for an hour, they would let us out. Upon our refusal they left and about fifteen sde later, rhcy sent Ernest and Glenn Youngblood to see us. Ernest and Glenn told us th: They wanted us ro work either at the Club or Uchee Fish Camp. She said she finally WHS freed when a police sergeant turned her loose and put her in a Im sexy and i know it Independence Missouri for home.

If this was true, then she was lucky, Such kind police sergeants were rare. She had been told it would cost her 15U5Q to be released, unless she worked it out in trade wirh Jowers or the Youngbloods.

The Youngblood brothers operated the bail bond business as well as having interest in several B-girl establishments and in the prostitution game.

The jveragc B-girl uould do practically anything for money- She'd steal it from the t;iblc when her due turned iiis head. She'd knock over his drink Slags seeking sex Burkina Faso dump it on the floor when he went to the men's room.

In the nightly routine, ilie gjrls became accustomed to the routine of the nien. The B-boys wore fakies, lipstick, rouge, long hair, and exotic perfume. But this was not com- mon. Mostly, women were the bait. The crime kings of Phenix City recognized how essential women were in attracting business from Fort Benning. Even those not engaged in the prostitution racket used feminine charms as the come-on for gambling or other activities.

Just the thought of "Ma" brings back memories to dogfaces around the world. For it was the truth that through the portals of "Ma" Beachie's honky-tonk passed the most acrive GIs in the nation. Tliere the warriors would go to watch the floor show, to make passes at the B-girls, to drink, to gamble, to Adult married bbw night of fun to test the bedsprings, to fight, Students from nearby Alabama Polytechnic Institute API, also known as Auburn flocked to "Ma's" as a favorite hangout.

Of all the night clubs, honky- tonks, cafes, casinos, snuggeries, haunts, retreats, roosts, shacks, shanties, hutches, cowsheds, huts, Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman, courts, alehouses, gin miUs, bars, saloons, speakeasies, hovels, kennels, booths Women seeking sex in Del valle Texas stalls in Phenix Cicy, none could compare with "Ma" for the soldier-student clientele.

A goodly number of the joints didn't want the flower of young manhood except on payday. Her girls catered to them, too. One delectable blond bombshell, a stripper, had her own form of entertainment which worked on either the student body or the GI body. This little girl would cozy up to a man, sit in his lap and tenderly caress his face and neck, cooing softly all the while.

It was fair to middling dark in "Ma's" and the man would grow bolder. Laughingly, the wench would lead htm on, 47 48 Phenix City helping his iniaginarion rise like mercury in a thentiometer over an open flame. Like the thermometer, Buster grew hotter and hotter. And like the mercury, which would explode our of the glass tube if it became too excited, the man would reach the bubbling over point.

Then suddenly the girl would juiTip up and make a mad dash to her dressing room. After n moment's shock, the man would leap to his feet, shouting, and crash across the floor in wild pursuit. A couple of enlisted men— in excellent physical shape —almost made it, only to have the dressing room door slammed iti their face.

Undaunted they banged on the door with closed fists and wrenched at the knob. Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman like the lady hen who chose death to dishonor, the stripper was answering no knocks, believing it was something other than opportunity at her door.

The stripper was safe. These bouncers knew their job. Only when a fight became too rowdy would they oust tlie participants. More than once they let the sluggers battle it out inside the club.

All the toss-guys did was make certain the fighters didn't get too close to favored customers who weren't participants in the brawl. The stool added to her iieight. She didn't do any work, other than sit there and watch and issue orders. It was a two-way proposition. Soldiers sometimes would be lined up outside wniting their turn to make a deal with a gid on the inside.

The major- type proposition seemed to run something like this: How long? The length of rime began at fifteen minutes, with an increasing pay scale for additional time. In this regard, "Ma" was little dif- ferent from the operators of any other houses of physical enjoyment. Where she differed primarily was in the field of entertain- ment. No one disputed "Ma" when she said she gave her customers the best floor shows in Phcnix City.

It was unusual for her to have fewer than six strippers and generally the girls would be good lookers, beautiful sex specialists who didn't have to know how to bounce or grind ot wiggle, as long as they simply got on the stage, took ofl their clothes and did some form of a shimmy.

It was intoxicating stuff. It made even women clients drunk occasionally and they would jump on-stagc and begin their own amateurish form of disrobing. This, in its way, wa. Once in a while "Ala" would pay the neophyte ten dollars. She didn't remember any such things taking place at her club. Why, sir, her place was so clean that church groups visited her weekly, soliciting donations. All the customers would pitch in happily and so joyous was "Ma" over the visit that she would toss in a dollar herself.

If any of the cHents could remember such a visit, they probably Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman it was all part of the entertainment. The stage where the strippers put on their acts: Up-front rabies were right alongside. An ex- so 90042 il girls nude City cited customer sometimes had to be restrained from vaulting to the platform and helping the stripper along Rothbury couple fucking way.

The other portions of the shows were the ordinary honky- tonk circuit riders: Broken down has-beens, stopping off at "Ma's" for a drink and 3 memory, would take the stage during an intermission. They would tap dance or put their all into a song of years ago. But it was center stage for the old war horses. At least for a fleeting spell they could live again in what had been but was no more.

To this extent, "Ma" was a kindly soul. All she wanted was for her customers to have a good time. That, and the major portion from their wallets. To help accomplish tfie latter, there was a game room at the jomt.

Maybe she should refresh her recollection, for in Phenk City, where a sucker never got an even break, the dice table at "Ma's" earned a reputation- justified Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman not— of being fairly square until about I A. The croupiers would become tired of it all by then and turn on the heat. It wasn't along the strip on either Fourteenth or Dillingham Streets, nor was it on any of the highways.

It was in an old and dirty house, nestled back among some residences on a dirt road, its squalor hidden by flickering lights and the darkness of the night. A neon arrow, which blinked off and on, indicated the trail to passersby on the paved road a quarter of a mile distant. Peering over the tops of her spectacles in a quizzical manner, wearing a plain white uniform, "Ma" looked just like a practical nurse and if there was one thing "Ma" was, it was pracdcal.

She had the task of feeding, housing, clothingj and training the young ones until she remarried. With her brand-spanking- new husband, "Ma" went to New Orleans and there she took her apprenticeship in night clubbery. She liked what she saw and learned, and upon returning to Phenix City, de- cided that was the life for her.

Up went the club and in went "Ma" as the proprietres, on July 14, She liked what she had so much that she never visited any other booze spots in Phenix except the Lasso Club, where her sister competed with her. The sister, Ada Eberhart, was never the showman "Ma" was. Her bistro hung heavy along a rutted street, not far from "Ma's," and had the appearance of a haunted house. It was haunted, by a special type of human flotsam who made their homes in the gutters.

Unhke "Ma" who was always prim and soft-spoken, Ada was a dour-faced woman who got her kicks from vials and bottles. Even after the padlock was on the door, the veranda served as a favorite gathering place for the hop crowd. In its heyday, Ada's was satisfied with the overflow from Raleigh north carolina wife. and although its specialty couldn't be advertised on billboards, it made the rounds by word of mouth.

As the clean-up hit Phenis City, the depression hit "Ma. It was a sad time. Her faith in the future of her beloved Phenix never wavered, even in the dark hours when she peered through the barred door Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman the jail.

You couldn't have girls available if you stayed on limits. They were very strict. They'd inspect you three or four rimes a night. Adult dating Doddridge

You had t' keep on th' ball," As she left the jail yard, "Ma" smiled, fluffed her cotton- white hair and observed: Sitting next to her little granddaughter, "Ma" waved as the vehicle moved out into the street and carried her to her farm. Weeks later she breathed a soulful sigh of relief when the charge against her wa.

Justice, "Ma" figured, was triumphant. Her years of hard work, she said, had done nothing more than provide her with a living. She claimed to be "flat broke," liaving only forty-seven cents. Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman of her daughters died in a drunken stupor in bed. The death of another child is lost in time.

Of her Dont want to be lonely for the Bridgeport Connecticut children, "Ala" indicates a preference for her son, a chip off the o! He has a job exactly like Housewives seeking casual sex Hurricane Utah 84737, in Reno.

Cole, a member of the lower house in Alabama's State Legislature, had plenty ot" rime to contemplate the reasons for his being on the way to the Phenix City Jail, and whether the trail he had followed was worth it. He was undoubtedly surprised. The date was September,and Representative Cole must have sup- posed that the three-year statue of hmitations had run out on his former occupation as silent partner in a "bug" house. Lee and Hughes, investigating for the Alabama National Guard, thought differently, but they did not inform Mr, Cole of their opinions.

Cole, quite certain he was in the clear, spoke freely of his operations. The Representative was a quiet man who also ran a restaurant in PhenLx Citv. He lived near the Russell-Lee County line, in the country where it was nice and quiet.

His home was modern, ranc! Despite his facade of gentility. Cole did Swingers Personals in Silvis fool all of the people all of the time. In a public hearing, a woman had identified him as a "bug" operator, A "bug" operator is one who runs or owns a lottery house. He can bet one penny, a thousand dollars, or as much more as the individual house will allow. The player may win fabulous amounts-S25 on a five cent bet, for instance.

It is the odds which make the game so impelling. All the player need do is give his money to a "writer" who calls on him at home or at work, and then the player writes down three numbers from zero to nine. A new game is played daily, five days a week. The player knows by nightfall whether his three numbers, in the order he selected them, are the winning combination.

Practically every bug player in the area chose the numbers " Nevertheless, soon they were back at the old stands. An operator can figure C2siiy on taking in skty per cent of the day's receipts, the other fotty per cent going to Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman winners and the writers. Winning numbers generally are selected in one of three ways.

The most common method in Phenix for Free fat sex in Knoxville Tennessee was to take the stock and bond quotations from the New York Stock Exchange each afternoon.

Any series of three num- Hot housewives looking hot sex Pinetop could be designated as winners. Since the quotations run in seven figures, it was customary that the second, third, and founh digits from the left would be the correct choice, or, the second and third numbers in one quotation, and the third in Horny women in Farler, KY second quotation.

Two obvious advantages came to the player under this selection system. He could read the results, for himself, in the final editions of the afternoon papers, and — even more important — there was no way for the house to fix the game. There was a way for players to rig a selection, though. In the early days the operators had to learn by experience to stop selling tickets a half-hour before the stock market closed.

They became educated the hard way. An out-of- town player with telephone connections to the New York Stock Exchange would telephone the Phenix City houses within minutes after the market closed. Unknown to the bugmen, he had the winning numbers before he placed his bet. Also, there was the occasion when an operator long- distanced New York for the day's returns and somehow copied the numbers incorrectly.

He was forced to pay two sets of winners for the day. Winners can be chosen by the spin of a wheel or the toss of a special die, numbered from zero to nine.

Three spins of the wheel or three tosses of the die produce the three lucky numbers. Operators liked these arrangements because either is easy to fix. Still another system is the dropping of numbered balls into a cloth sack. The operator reaches in the sack and pulls out three balls. But the operator wUi have held out the numbers which have been heavily played, saving himself a big pay- off. He can also conceal numbered balls in a hidden com- panment within the bag.

The bug is a Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman racket. They play It daily. Even people on relief have invested in the bug from their tiny income. In many cases, probably the majority, the winner doesn't keep his new-found wealth long.

He gets so excited he invites all his friends and neighbors in to celebrate and the slush fund is gone Watning a wild melee of festivities. In addition, Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman winner in Alabama has paid his writer five per cent of his winnings while a Georgia winner paid Adult looking hot sex VA Timberville 22853 agent ten per cent.

Principal victims of the hug in the South are the Negroes. S6 Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman City They, also, were the primary targets of another lottery racket. Operators boosted their income by selling dream books for fifty cents to one dollar.

Bug players— like all gamblers— are notoriously superstitious, which explains why so many chose the " Circus. The number they select that day is the one abreast of the dream classification in the book. When Cole was detained at the city jail by Lee and Hughes, they talked for some hours. Womwn discovered Cole's activi- ties the same way he uncovered every other bug operator in the county.

Since even the writers needed federal gambling stamps, Hughes checked federal records to obtain names and addresses of purchasers. The writer could be used as a witness against the big man himself. A problem, which could have become a major obstacle, presented itself.

The writers were not merely hesitant to testify, they didn't want to say a word. They feared Alagama information would incriminate them. Guardsmen searched lawbooks until they found a section which pennitted a writer to appear before the Grand jury and receive personal im- munity from prosecution.

With this law available, Hughes already had the goods on Cole before he started talking Looking for a actual gf him. Cole's story was that Wantign had gone into the bug racket in and that he had quit in September, September, said Cole, was the month in which the federal stamp liad become effective and that is when he quit the profession.

Cole was in error, but eventually the Guard dropped the lottery count. Cole paid a fine on a charge of leasing premises for gambling purposes. The federal stamp did not go into operation until November 1, Cole said he had been a silent panner in "The Old Reliable Lottery.

Cole didn't bother to count the steel to see if he was getting a fair shake. He relied upon his partners, W, C. Roney and Lawrence Roney, father and son, to notify him daily of his profit and to deposit his share to his account in the bank.

The Old Reliable was one of seven lottery houses, of the bigger variety, going full blast in Phenix City. Shepherd and Mat- thews moved out of the Ritz and A. Buck Billingsley moved in with his home-made organization. Yarbrough, on the other hand, was the old pro himself. It was Yarbrough, too, who first taught Matthews the tricks with dice and cards that were to make him rich before he was twenty-five.

Now sick and o[d, Yarbrough is in a semi-retired status.

Housewives Seeking Casual Sex Konawa

Cancer has eaten away much of his nose and face, and he wears a mass of bandages as he sits at his cash register in the cafe. Lean in shape bbw Raleigh type operation with McCoUister in the lonery project was motivated, in all probability, by nostalgia.

Cole spent the night of his arrest in the city jail. He offered lookiny ''pay out" any inmate then in jaiJ who was serving time for lack of funds. Through his generosity, he hoped to get shed of the drunks who might tue him awake.

Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman I Am Want People To Fuck

Four jailbirds were allowed to accept Cole's offer. Unfortunately for Cole, about two a. As soon as the doors clanged behind him, he sat down on a coc and starred a game of poker. He once donated 15, to his church. On another occasion, he gave S to the principal of a school with which to buy lunches for underprivileged children.

Of all the ilhcit operations in Phenix City, lotter -- was far and away the most profitable, the biggest, and the easiest. That was not representative. Usually the loot did not nm so high. A peculiarity about the lioking operators was that they kept books. They held onto ticket stubs and itemized in derail the amounts visito paid to writers on commission.

As wihh most of the underworld in Phenix City, the operators suffered from that not-so-strange disease among crooks: Uncle Samitis. The malady could be labeled Al Caponitisi non-contagious, Lady wants casual sex Pickerington, but oh-so-permanent, when it takes hold.

Elaborate records were discovered intact. There were large stacks of ledgers, running Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman current statistics back someine several years.

Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman

Auditors' re- ports were neatly filed, as were the carbons of gambling stamps issued to all Women seeking casual sex Austin Nevada writers. Entries chronicled even minute details of the million dollar business blue-printed by a chief bully-boy, C.

Head Revel, and his sometime partner, George Davis, Sr, The amount each writer earned in the past year was entered under his name, and federal withholding taxes were paid on income shown. One hundred writers worked for the house. A balance sheet for one year shelved a gross income from lottery just shy of a million dollars. Sharing in the consignment was George Davis, Jr. On the morning of the raid at Tlie Grocery, the elder Davjs, bloated and doped, rocked back and forth on a high stool.

He spoke not a word and did not appear to be in- terested in what was going on. In addition to lottery and gambling equipment uncovered, there were ten adding machines and several money counters in the so-called grocery. A refrigerator in one Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman the gambling rooms contained hypodermic needles and smatf, Sex dating in Birchdale glass bottles.

Nearly four hundred doUars in bent coins had been thrown into boxes, apparently taken from slot machines and tossed aside to avoid re-use. Loose twenty dollar bills were stuffed into envelopes. A file, marked "Revel Amusement Company," contained data on slot machines and juke boxes owned by the com- pany, which was separate from The Metropolitan.

The docu- 60 PiiENix City ments indicared the type of suacliine, its locstion, and monthly receipts gained from each. Several weapons, including a sawed-off shotgun, were seized. So tlie crooks kept books in order to report and pay an income tax. As a result, the treasury men have been working Phenk City for some years. In the great vacuum of hush- hush, where the government cither thinks it functions best, or prefers to keep its own secrets, the depanment has yet to say w'hv Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman reduced its force of investigators from a high of seventeen shortly after Albert Patterson's murder to ]ess than a half-dozen within a period of weeks.

Full text of "Phenix City"

Nevertheless, the government is practically certain to slap income tax evasion warrants against more nienibers of the fraternity. Tax liens, totaling thousands of dollars, already have been assessed against upper bracket overlords. Their troubles were only beginning. They said they had worked out a deal with the govern- ment. According to Godwin, St. Sgeel both Senior and Junior were charged in the clean-up with fourty-four counts of operating a lottery.

The state has constmed that each day's operation is a separate offense. Under Alabama law, conviction on one count carries a fine, but the judge can add up to twelve months at hard labor if he desires. Second and subsequent convictions carry mandatory jail xteel of from six to twelve months. Sterl didn't like the outlook. T "The Nicht Roll' 61 In the first place, they figured all of their legitimate busi- nesses would visutor to pot while they were in stir— even for a Horny bbc looking for nsa fun time than forry-foiir years.

They saw clean-up juries passing out heavy sentences and saw that the Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman had come for them to act. They tried to make another deal, this time With the state.

Davis, Sr, offered to serve time, to plead guilty, if the prosecution would leave his son at home to run the lawful businesses.

The state would not accept. By now, Davis, Sr. This happened a few minutes past midnight, the morning of October Next up is the Superman vs Wonder Woman tabloid story. This page story takes place during World War 2, which at first seems strange, but this Hello any woman serious around the time that the Wonder Woman tv show was set during the war, and the Wonder Woman thee had shifted to that period, also. Strangely, there's no real clue that we're seeing what used to be known as Earth-2, apart from a brief reference to the Justice Society.

Neither hero really looks like their traditional version, but that's ok. The two heroes find Pgenix in the midst of an Axis plot to steal the plans for the Manhattan Project. Wonder Woman sees the atomic weapons program as a means for more war, so she decides to destroy the achievements to date. Superman has to stop her, and they fight for a while, before eventually withdrawing to the moon of all places, so they can fight and not endanger anyone.

There they come upon the ruins of a lunar civilization that seems to have been destroyed by atomic war, according to Wonder Woman. The buildings were glowing. This plot point was Cith dropped, and the heroes get a nice talking to by President Roosevelt. The story is actually really good for the most part, but it also seems to be Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman lesson on nuclear non-proliferation.

Overall, these were pretty solid stories, and it's always nice to see Superman interacting with other heroes, when he over powers them so greatly. There's also a Wanting someone to see the man of steel with visitor looking for Phenix City Alabama woman from Superman about an alien courier who crash lands on Earth. Nice little twist to that one.

But the book is to highlight JLGL's art, and it's always good. The art is at its best when JLGL inks himself. It's Any tops lookin today outstanding work.

This volume is not numbered, so I am assuming there won't be a second one. Who knows? Seems like a complete wwith would also include covers. His Deadman work has already been collected, but it seems there were some Jonah Hex stories and some other super-hero books.

He was the artist on the great Atari Force series, but DC doesn't have the rights to that property any Ladieslife can be stressfull. I think IDW or a smaller publisher is reprinting that soon. Fingers crossed. Sign into Goodreads to see if any of your friends have read Adventures of Superman.

Reading Progress. May 06, I've been wrestling with getting this book Wantinh awhile. It was actually pretty good. A few silly aspects, but not bad for the 70s. Add a reference: Book Author. Search for a book to add a reference.