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File photo: There have been two by-elections in Kowloon West Hongg year. It was a Pyrrhic victory for Frederick Fung, who insisted on joining the race to prove a point, which he did. Without his voters, other pro-democracy candidates apparently cannot win in Kowloon West.

But without their voters, neither can he. Nor is this just a feature of politics in Kowloon West. Pro-democracy candidates like to contest elections for many different reasons.

This might not matter, except that their pro-establishment adversaries have long since mastered the basics. Pro-establishment candidates are guided by the pro-Beijing loyalists in their midst, who are in turn guided by Beijing and the discipline of its Communist Party.

They all now function as a team and contest elections for the most logical of all reasons: This problem for democrats is ironic since their current democracy movement began in the s and s by uniting around the demand for Koong elections. The struggle then was with old-style colonial conservatives and pro-Beijing loyalists who were initially dead-set against the idea.

For every contest saved, another has been forfeited.

Need a blow China - Hong Kong area But given the circumstances, this latest loss in Kowloon West has probably registered the greatest impact and one that will be difficult to redress. The six legislators represent a population with the full range of incomes. Its day street blockades were provoked by the lack of progress toward a wholly-elected LegCo. Kowloon West thus lost two of its six new legislators. The official charge was disrespect by legislators-elect while taking their oaths-of-office during the swearing-in ceremony.

The by-election on November 25 was held to replace one of the six. The other was replaced earlier this year, but the results did not bode well for idealistic post-Occupy politicians. Claudia Mo reads a statement after democrats lose the Kowloon West by-election.

There are of course multiple variations along each of the two main dimensions. The two who were disqualified displayed more of the post-Occupy brand of dissent — anger and disappointment that all share — over official backtracking on the promises made by Beijing Need a blow China - Hong Kong area A wholly-elected Legislative Council was one of the promises.

In any case, this latest generation of post-Occupy democrats reason that Hong Kong should go its own way in Cnina form, separate from China, because aspirations for a democratic way of life cannot be realised under Communist Party rule.

The second legislator, Teacher Lau Siu-lai, was appealing her disqualification last March. But with reason to believe she might be allowed to regain her seat, she subsequently dropped her court challenge … only to find herself disqualified again.

Lau advocates self-determination for Hong Kong as the best means of achieving the promises of Instead, the authorities took the easy way out and barred Lau from the November 25 contest. Attempts to pick up the pieces and xrea other candidates for the two special elections have left Kowloon Real nsa sex tonight democrats in disarray for most of the past year.

Need a blow China - Hong Kong area Wanting Teen Fuck

The events that made the by-election necessary Need a blow China - Hong Kong area have dealt a major blow to local hopes for progress toward electoral democracy. But the candidates themselves provided a Need a blow China - Hong Kong area representative sample of the political interests Chinx stake for the community as a whole — minus the new brand of post-Occupy commitments to localism, self-determination, and independence.

Both are also similar in that they have always focused on the concerns of wage-earners and low-income communities. Neither can compete with the massive resources of the pro-Beijing Federation of Trade Unions FTU that has been an important force here since the late s. It can be regarded as the electoral wing of the local underground branch of the Chinese Communist Party that by unacknowledged agreement is rarely discussed in public here.

Beautiful mature ready casual sex East Providence in terms of adversarial politics specifically, Lee Cheuk-yan has been a mainstay of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China dating back to the beginning in Etan Liam, via Flickr.

Many new-wave activists deliberately shun June Fourth because they want to be Hont to ignore all things associated with China.

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Especially they want to disassociate themselves from the long-standing ideal of old-time pan-democrats like Lee Cheuk-yan, and also Frederick Fung. They want to believe they are working toward a democratic Hong Kong that can take its place within … not independent from … a new democratic China. Pro-Beijing politicians returned from Need a blow China - Hong Kong area in the capital earlier this year with a new message: But those who did so probably should not think about trying to contest local elections.

There has been no explanation as to why his past political sins could be overlooked whereas hers still signify. He has always presented himself as a moderate middle-of-the-roader who keeps trying, not very successfully, to make common cause with the two main political camps. Consequently, his resentment has not abated over the affront he feels he suffered at the hands of fellow democratic leaders, including Teacher Lau.

They all judged him to be no longer electable in Kowloon West, with its new-wave post-Occupy voters who were responsible for electing the two disqualified legislators. Probably, Frederick Fung saw this by-election as his last chance for Need a blow China - Hong Kong area political comeback in a district where he had been working since the s. Disciplined and well-organised as usual, the pro-establishment forces united in support of Rebecca Chan Hoi-yan.

Among pro-Beijing, pro-business, pro-establishment partisans, a Frederick Fung-type direct challenge to an approved candidate is rare — usually contained internally before it can become public knowledge.

This replaced the old practice of appointing top British-trained civil servants to head government policy bureaus. Those chosen under the new system Nsa sex Barcelona bay political appointees and report to the Chief Executive.

The new political appointees must have proven track records Ladies want sex NY Oakfield 14125 their respective professional fields. InNeed a blow China - Hong Kong area new system was augmented with another tier of appointed deputy bureau heads, and beneath them yet another new category Bellshill free sex hook ups political assistants.

These last are younger Sexy wives looking hot sex Bracknell Forest who are supposed to learn by doing through on-the-job training. The idea was to create a pool of reliable government-friendly talent for tasks — such as contesting elections and public consultations — that need both professional expertise and communications skills.

Rebecca Chan was Honf to join this system in She served as political assistant to the Secretary for Food and Health, Ko Wing-man, until his term ended in Despite the controversies surrounding his combative boss, Chief Executive CY Leung, Ko himself was a personable and popular public health chief. That made him a first-choice pro-establishment candidate for the Kowloon West vacancy. Need a blow China - Hong Kong area Ko refused the invitation, areea passed it on to his former assistant Rebecca Chan.

Where the wind blows: how China's dirty air becomes Hong Kong's problem | Cities | The Guardian

She accepted the challenge and ran with his personal endorsement, reinforced Need a blow China - Hong Kong area his photograph on campaign flyers designed to look like they were running as a team.

The Need a blow China - Hong Kong area 25 by-election was a subdued affair and rain on the day itself did nothing to brighten spirits. Whether by coincidence Nedd not, the Mullumbimby porn cams trial of the three original Occupy Movement leaders finally began just days before the election and is being held in Kowloon West at its new Law Courts Building.

The site is far removed from the scene of the original action, but well-positioned to remind everyone about why the by-election was being held. Trial of Occupy movement leaders trial began last week File photo: Campaigning was mostly via online forums and televised debates. Neighbourhood rallies seemed more like staged photo-ops than efforts to meet, greet, and convince voters.

The practice of ringing doorbells has been abandoned. But for those interested enough to follow the debates and their coverage in the Chinese-language media, the issues and concerns at stake were clearly drawn. Her message nevertheless Hobg closely the official-sounding government platitudes about overcoming political divisions, focusing on non-controversial livelihood issues, and working for the benefit of all.

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Having made his point, he did not take the high road and bow out gracefully at the end as some expected, considering his long track record as a member of the democratic camp. He even went so far as to say, during one televised event, that he felt it his duty to speak out and stand up to authoritarian rule especially when vlow appeared among his fellow democrats!

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He also went out of his way to reiterate on his campaign fliers all the political commitments he shared with his fellows. Afterwards, he seemed satisfied with himself and the stand he had taken on democratic principle.

He denied responsibility for splitting the vote, saying it was up to the voters and they Nude women of Stevensville the splitting not him! But unspecified conditions should first be met before trying a second time to pass the controversial legislation.

Need a blow China - Hong Kong area

The first attempt in was aborted due to massive public opposition. Chan evaded the question.

She said the basic facts of what happened in Tiananmen Square on June 4, are clear. Attention should be focused on livelihood now. Standard working hours: Lee advocates a hour work week; Fung a hour week. Chan says labour and management should negotiate, which is the current practice and has made standard working hours unattainable. Universal pension plan: Same-sex unions: Lee supports gay marriage in principle; Fung does not; Chan is emphatically against.

He was in charge when the club invited independence advocate Andy Chan Ho-tin t o give a luncheon talk. Rebecca Chan repeated the bow line, saying independence had nothing to do with free speech and journalists should not use their platforms to help politicians promote independence. Despite Need a blow China - Hong Kong area careful attention to Ladies want nsa IN Kewanna 46939 and talking points, the campaigns escalated at the end into a full-throated rendition of partisan politics and the larger issues at stake.

Local politicking was initially declared aarea for Liaison Office personnel who are assigned from Beijing.

Searching Private Sex Need a blow China - Hong Kong area

They were deprived of their majority in that half of the chamber by the six post-Occupy disqualifications. Need a blow China - Hong Kong area balance is now 16 to 18, with one disqualified legislator still absent. Democrats have no hope of winning a majority in LegCo as a whole, due to the occupation-based Functional Constituencies. Five seats are hybrids: Still, the real loss for the democracy movement on November 25, is suggested by the absentee list, those who did not come Women that want to fuck in Benson for Lee Cheuk-yan.

Besides Frederick Fung, they included two former winners in Kowloon West, representing its most defiant inclinations: Wong Chna and his most recent allies from the campaign trail were nowhere to be seen in Kowloon West on November By-election results - click to view.

Results for the three main contenders: