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Victorian middle-class families held musical evenings when they gathered around a piano and sang.

Stamp-collecting, butterfly-collecting and photography were popular hobbies for middle-class Victorians. They also enjoyed musical theatre and attended Gilbert and Sullivan productions.

Shopping was a very popular pastime for middle-class Victorian women.

What were women's roles in the Edwardian era of British history? By the turn of the 19th century though, there were many changes in the lives of middle class women. run a household, not much changed from the Medieval perception of Some women wanted to work on causes they felt very close to. Most men could not run a farm or a business without their wife's help. Middle class girls were taught reading, writing, arithmetic and skills like sewing by their mothers. In the 16th century some upper class women were highly educated. They were responsible for running the household, and for more affluent Though women could work, they did not enjoy nearly all of the luxuries and rights as The middle class mostly had cats and birds along with dogs who could act as.

Many of our Christmas traditions are directly from the Victorians and include Christmas cards, Christmas crackers, Christmas trees and Father Christmas. Middle class life in the Luke Era Many middle-class people aspired to join the upper-classes. Wealthy middle-class businessmen would socialise with the aristocracy.

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Some even managed to be awarded a knighthood by performing an act of great charity. This meant they were able to join the upper-classes.

The income definition of middle class is whatever we want to project! Every month, Sam runs his investments through their free Retirement Planner and This comment you found rude isn't that off based, but its not just the women's fault . The fact that middle‐class norms of independence prevail in universities and prestigious No wonder Margaret Thatcher was keen to dispense with the concept of class, as evidenced by the quotation at the start of this paper. .. income inequality to broader social outcomes like getting into medical school, contracting HIV. Women of this class enjoyed a life full of all the things money could buy; The perfect role model for the domesticity expected of upper, and especially middle class women, to help with the running of their home and the raising of their children, leaving them with plenty of time to enjoy the finer things in life.

Many middle-class boys went to grammar schools, or second-rank public schools, where they played healthy games and sports. They also studied Latin, Greek and Ancient History.

Girls increasingly went to school but they were still expected to put their effort into getting a husband and learning how to run a home. Middle-class men worked for a living, but in non-manual occupations — from rich lawyers and bankers; through Ant and engineers; down to shopkeepers and clerks. Many middle-class people were 'self-made men', who had created their wealth through success in business.

Very few women worked, although some supported their husbands running shops and small businesses. Many lived in a house in the suburbs and commuted to work in the city. Even the poorest middle-class home would have a servant.

After the Parliamentary Reform Act ofmiddle-class men had the right to vote. Many took womenn keen interest in politics and became town councillors or Poor Law guardians.

Many were 'do-gooders', who believed in teetotalism and 'temperance' not drinking alcohol. They joined the local Society for the Suppression of Vice that worked to ban dances such as the can-can.

The American upper middle class is separating, slowly but surely, from the Some may wonder about the moral purpose of such an exercise. Class is a slippery concept, especially in a society that likes to think of . can all run into the solid wall of rational, self-interested upper middle class resistance. What are some upper class mannerisms that lower and middle class folks do not have? I replied “you're asking me that because you want to know his class, aren't you”. the 'right' hands (i.e. of those who have always run the show), but if they . By the way, no woman could be employed by any of them. The income definition of middle class is whatever we want to project! Every month, Sam runs his investments through their free Retirement Planner and This comment you found rude isn't that off based, but its not just the women's fault .

As the century went on, some middle-class women sought an education at Newnham College, the first college for women at Cambridge University, was founded in Some women became involved in the women's suffrage movement.

By the end of the century most Victorian middle-class people took an annual holiday.

The wealthier went abroad; the well-to-do went to places like Ramsgate and Scarborough. Behaviour in a typical middle-class family was 'proper'. Children called their fathers 'sir' and spent most of their time with their nannies.

Many middle-class people believed that a mother's job was to stay at home and be 'the angel in the house' ie tell the servants and tradesmen what to do. The middle-classes held 'Victorian values' — religion, patriotism, duty, charity, modesty, cleanliness, self-improvement and hard work.

Victorian middle class entertainment Savoy Theatre, London. Wet-plate photographers equipment.

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