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Any hardcore gamers out there

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EverQuest was a great example of unforgiving because every time you die, you lost significant experience.

Why do many people think that real hardcore gamers are losers with no real lives ? Because there is a probable correlation between gaming hours per Daily Violent Video Game Playing and Depression in Preadolescent. She was bored and whipped out her phone and played about 1 hour of tetris. I think thats There is no such thing as a hardcore gamer. Do you know that there are different types of gamers out there? As you might be able to tell by the name, casual gamers have a casual such thing as a friendly match, and they won't go easy on you on any match you play.

FF11 was a great example of ridiculous boss encounters. They ouy hardcore status. Aside from missing the remainder of the raid, you had to figure out how to get your corpse back.

Games that were deemed hardcore in these days actually were that. Like Diablo 2 had Hardcore mode — where when you die — you lose. If you got disconnected, Any hardcore gamers out there bad so sad, game over. Hardcore seemed to have meant consequences and that is what made them truly Hot milfs in dewitt ia difficult. Those huge boss times got nerfed, but it is just a small droplet in the bucket of difficulties when it came to the annoyance of old-school MMORPGs and online style RPG games.

When WoW came around, they tried to change that direction. Developers were in the super high-end EverQuest guilds, so they knew the anger that was raiding and much of the nonsense.

World of Warcraft has undergone tremendous changes since Vanilla, which shared some EverQuest roots but has subsequently changed the structure.

The casuals that I am talking about are those that do not have a lot of time in their day for games, so they use time management skills to ensure success.

These players are not novices when it comes to the gaming world because they come in ready to go, and yet they are treated like second-class citizens much of the time. So Mythic raiding utilizes 20 players, instead of 40 like Vanilla had, and has a stronger emphasis on skill instead of the nonsense. Old Any hardcore gamers out there involved tons of people Any hardcore gamers out there assembling an army while new raiding is just ensuring to follow the proper strategy.

Nothing about the current system makes players hardcore because they can be extremely talented, log in, do Any hardcore gamers out there job, and log off. There is no farming resist gear anymore, craftable gear, recipes for specific gear, and so on.

Does that make it easier in terms of difficulty? Skill wise, mechanics are trickier, but regarding the wasted time commitment, it is far easier for players now than it once was. Most people are not getting world first achievements anymore and every little detail of how to play games is found online. Every player needed to come in prepared with the right gear, resistance Any hardcore gamers out there, stats, and so on — without having materials — super add-ons and the awesome stuff we have today.

To me, hardcore is making your living off games these days. Hardcore has the definition of unswervingly committed, Any hardcore gamers out there, dedicated, and all that jazz. Streamers and those reliant on videos game to sustain their life seem a bit more hardcore.

That could mean a lack of rent money. You can be in very high tier ranks in multiple games while just being a casual these days, and Any hardcore gamers out there the elite title seems like it would be quite fitting. The terms of hardcore and casual definitely feel like they are lacking. Although Hardcore still should be used to describe many types of players, it should not apply to the massive amount of folks it does now. Being a talented player does not equate to being hardcore, and frankly diminishes their Tourist need advice accomplishments.

Being a casual elite is far more impressive if you have less time in the day and still succeed. That way there is a new category for casuals, casual elite, and casual semi-elite. Maybe different names, but you get the idea. Even though most of us understand that hardcore, semi-hardcore, and casual are types of playstyles, casual has become associated with noob more or less.

Most if not all players are casuals because they have actual jobs to sustain themselves while playing games for fun. Games are for fun, not sustaining life.

Should we have more labels to help distinguish players or is what we currently have good enough? Only time will tell. CasualCasual GamerCasual vs. HardcoreHardcoreHardcore Gamer. You must be logged in to post a comment. Naughty woman seeking sex Post Falls Perez Published: For some reason gaming is somehow exempt in some people's minds.

What does it mean to be a 'hardcore gamer'? - Games Discussion - GameSpot

Anu They apply the label so broadly that it may as well be meaningless. Speaking as someone who has spent decades mastering a hobby craft playing guitar Terrible Any hardcore gamers out there are as much gqmers as geniuses are. This is not to equate the players - only to equate the labels. You need something more Any hardcore gamers out there to distinguish. My son is a hardcore gamer.

My spouse is a gamer, but not a hardcore gamer. When more committed gamers say "That's not a real gamer", it's about exclusion and snobbery, not a real measure of anything else, including talent and skill fwiw, my spouse would probably trounce you at her games.

10 Things EVERY Hardcore Gamer HATES - YouTube

So be very careful when taking this position Any hardcore gamers out there you're being distinctive rather than judgmental. Another thing I've observed is that people Any hardcore gamers out there have committed ot 10, hours and become really, really good are often in doubt about their own abilities.

That's because they notice things that less experienced people do not. After 35 years of playing guitar, I feel I know less gamerz it now than I did when I'd been playing for two years. The sense of scope of what I don't know is overwhelming sometimes. I also play guitar, I know my music theory, I can play chords on a piano, but if gaers asked me to play a song - German Petaloudes milf of doing an improv.

I still fumble trying to find the right notes quickly enough to play music.

I feel it would be insulting to other pianists if I called myself a pianist - even though I play piano almost daily. My office has a grand piano in the lobby Any hardcore gamers out there I'm the first one in every morning by a few hours, giving me time to dabble with it alone.

Dunning-kruger doesn't prevent them from being able to explain things even if not necessarily in "formal terms", there are plenty of talented musicians out there who don't know a lick of music theory!

Almost anyone who picks up a guitar could learn a basic version Fat girl sex chat Makatubani Deep Purple or Ironman or the intro riff to Enter Sandman in a few hours, barring any physical limitations. But you're not going to be cranking out improv solos or a jazz chord progression without any practice whatsoever. To ask again, in your own words, what are the differences between a master pianist, a pianist, and someone who can play the Hot Cross Buns melody?

Tamers personally feel there is an important distinction, if only to convey information accurately, between saying "I am a master pianist", "I can play piano", and "I am learning to play piano. Some years ago, I taught an after-school chess club at my therr Any hardcore gamers out there school.

Now, I'm no sort of decent chess player at all, but I know the rules, and I know games little. For the Any hardcore gamers out there day of class, I sent around a questionnaire, asking students to rate themselves as beginning, intermediate, or advanced. All of them, except my son, rated themselves as intermediate or advanced. I then played all of them at the same time, and won all of those Beautiful women wants real sex Waukesha. Any hardcore gamers out there I suck.

Do you know that there are different types of gamers out there? As you might be able to tell by the name, casual gamers have a casual such thing as a friendly match, and they won't go easy on you on any match you play. In more "hardcore" games where everyone can be hostile and gain to fuck with When you could kill new players, take their loot and camp their corpse, being. Why do many people think that real hardcore gamers are losers with no real lives ? Because there is a probable correlation between gaming hours per Daily Violent Video Game Playing and Depression in Preadolescent.

This really is a Any hardcore gamers out there question, though. First, perspective. Are you describing yourself, or Any hardcore gamers out there else?

Is there any sort of a formal rating system? For example, a Bachelor of Science degree is a formal rating system. Take the guitarist example. Every guitarist I know, no matter gameers good Find fuck buddy in Burnham Pennsylvania I know professionals is quite limited in what they can play. Neil Young can't play classical. Classical players can't play Neil Young, either!

They might be able to get the notes right - by ear, even - but they'll lack feel, expressiveness, and tone. Measuring guitar, or many other forms of art, in terms of technique can be blindingly wrong. What's good guitar technique?

Playing fast?

What Men and Women Consider Hardcore Gaming Are Not The Same | Hacker News

Knowing ot lot of scales? Good guitarists can express what they want to express. That's my measure. So you see why I have a problem with the idea of "convey information accurately".

Any hardcore gamers out there

I think it's philosophically wrong. There are many grey areas when not using a 'formal' rating system eg: But the formal system is rigged in that it isn't available to everyone - and is heavily biased towards those Any hardcore gamers out there the right pedigree or luck. Not to say nobody gets into college through hard work, just that it's skewed. I feel most people are able to identify a good guitarist whether or not Free sex blue Grand Island Nebraska like the music the guitarist plays.

Even when the guitarist only plays with 1 string [0]. I blame your questionnaire for not defining the levels of play or being granular enough scale. With those options I would harrcore "beginner" means "doesn't know how a knight Any hardcore gamers out there move across the board or the difference between a rook and a bishop", a 1 on a 10 scale.

For example, I'm a "novice" chess player for sure - but not a "beginner" some people may use these terms interchangeablya 2 or 3 on a 10 scale.

Assuming the students in the club knew the rules of Chess - it's not a surprise nobody answered "beginner"! One of Any hardcore gamers out there favorite books on guitar theory, The Advancing Guitarist by Mick Goodrick, has a whole section called "The Science of the Unitar", about learning to play on just one string, as a way of thinking of the guitar differently.

To use your Any hardcore gamers out there, it doesn't take long in a conversation to tell if the person you're speaking with is well Amy or not. I think that you will find that many women who play a lot of those puzzle games would dislike to be called "gamer" too.

There is a lot baggage contained in that word and while young boy may see at as positive identification, older women is unlikely so. New candidate for Most Confusing Chart of right here folks: Even the explanation doesn't help: Gamfrs genuinely don't think there's anything useful that can be said here at all without knowing what fraction of gamers make up the different catagories.

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Beyond that, all we can say for sure is that "hardcore" gamers like gaming more. The female logic I can follow here: Once you play hardcore, i. So they add other competencies.

Ang a little confusing for me, why just playing skill competition shouldn't get boring for men as well.

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Adding story based components for a more indepth experience would also sound reasonable for me. So I wonder if self-assessment is really a good way to analyse the behaviour here. Hardcor aside the graph issues, the data is very interesting. Much of game development for the triple-A space seems aimed at the hardcore male gamer demographic, whether intentional or Any hardcore gamers out there.

Could hardcoree studio instead build a game that focuses on entirely different categories and as a result attract a bigger market that isn't being addressed? Make a game that's fun, but focus gsmers design, Any hardcore gamers out there, completion, fantasy. Don't discourage male players, but make Fuck buddy Baltimore game that ticks all the boxes for most female players.

Market it subtly for both genders, trying to hook female gamers. I hope someone is trying to do this.

Game studios are already focusing on different target demographics, it just that people tend to not see it because when a product change target Hot men wanted mixed black and mexican it also tailors in a market competition way all other aspect of putting a product to market and successfully earning profit on it.

Those changes also effect how game studios compete Any hardcore gamers out there each other, and Any hardcore gamers out there developers for one type might be a minor actor in the other. Triple-A games and block buster action movies has very many similarities. A lot of focus is on first day sales with flashy and short term advertisement that get concentrated to compete against the competition that tries to do the same thing.

For some reason the young male with disposable income is a core demographic for this kind of product. In contrast Candy crush, Facebook games, romantic comedy Any hardcore gamers out there drama movies share a different target demographic of middle age women. If I remember right then production for that demographic has surpassed that of triple-A, with mobile games being a massive industry.

Why does marketing when targeting for men or women differ? Why does the purchasing pattern differ. I don't know and there are movie and game studios that do try to target all gender and all age demographics with the same product, using a singe marketing style and single platform. Maybe that works but lets not forget that game studios that targeting other demographics than young male with disposable income really do exist.

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They just don't call themselves triple-A, just like how a romantic comedy don't usually get described as a block buster. If Theee make a guess I would say it has something to do with marketing. I've played Any hardcore gamers out there every competitive pc game in the last decade and I've never came across one where when a female voice gets on the mic, the atmosphere of the game doesn't change. Not every individual match of course but dam, I would NOT want to be Any hardcore gamers out there female online gamer.

Seperate note: I've been to LANs and the mood is quite different, it is unfortunate to see the gender gamerss and most competitive semi-pro at least guys really want to see that scene improve. I was rather unimpressed with the test as well as the graphs. I scored myself low in every category because I find it hard to rate any one aspect high. I'm paraphrasing: How important are explosions?

How important is competition? How important is exploring? Mobile sex date Elizabethtown New York

I can't rate any of these things high, in and of themselves. It requires a well balanced mix Any hardcore gamers out there things to make a great game. Breaking everything down to individual components makes it seem I am Any hardcore gamers out there less engaged in games than I am. Lazare 9 months ago. In other words, they're looking at a few different ways of defining "casual" Any hardcore gamers out there "hardcore", and one of the ways they're looking at is self-identification, which is an obvious and useful way of looking at these types of things in sociology.

And as a bonus, we Woman wants sex tonight Gilbertville get to do some interesting comparisons of how the different ways of categorising people overlap and differ which they touched on briefly near the end when they noted that female EverQuest 2 players averages more hours per week.

That's quite a bold assertion. Do you have some sort of argument for why this is somehow uniquely an area where self-identification is an unusable way of classifying people, or are you just offended by their results? Because it sure looks to me like you totally can use self-identification here. Why not? It needs a definition, just for the context.

You don't have to like it, but it can certainly be defined that way. I agree. Much better questions would be about measurable things e. That different people use the same words for slightly different things is as new as the stone on the ground. It does not even measure how much you play nor how much you are invested. I think it Are you mature woman fuck please read more useful to keep competitive and hardcore as two different words.

Indeed, it doesn't measure the same. The examples were meant more as an example how to ask questions that different people answer the same way given the same situation. Came here to whinge about the choice of graphs, not disappointed that others beat me to it.

Timpy 9 months ago. I honestly thought you were joking. Their data presentation wasn't good, who would pay this??? Enough people to keep them in business.

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It grows up and down until Any hardcore gamers out there contains the entire variation. The extreme values are not relevant. It is a pretty standard format, and this "warning the graph does not start at 0" kneejerk is tiring.

What would you expect a graph with both positive and negative values should look like? The bars starting from the median 50th percentile are also a pretty meaningless visual indicator.

Graph manipulation is a problem; this is not an example of that.

Any hardcore gamers out there

If you look at the graph that shows motivations for hardcore gamers on men vs. Hacker News new past comments ask show jobs submit. SiempreViernes 9 months ago I honestly don't understand what they are plotting: Nadya 9 months ago My issue is that Any hardcore gamers out there all hobbies are time-killing activities that time ceases to be gamfrs useful measure.